Improving the educational status of women in our society is one of the ways we can influence the improvement of the overall position of women. IAN Telecentar has always paid special attention to the professional empowerment of women and their motivation to access digital technologies. Over our years of work, we have presented comprehensive training programs tailored for empowerment of women such as:

  • IT courses
  • English language courses,
  • active job search trainings
  • social skills courses
  • web design courses
  • practical trainings for Administrative Assistant job

In its efforts related to female empowerment, IAN Telecentre has been supported by different donors including International Women’s Club – Belgrade, Microsoft, UNESCO, etc.

Around 67% of IAN Telecentar’s beneficiaries are women. We put special focus on women who belong to disadvantaged social groups. These women need comprehensive support for successful social and economic integration. Women we serve include:

  • unemployed women (young first-time job seekers, middle-aged women who lost their job in the period of transition)
  • single mothers
  • women victims of violence
  • disabled
  • women currently in remission with a history of psychiatric illness

Our female beneficiaries often suffer from multiple vulnerabilities. However, one thing that they all have in common is their difficult financial position. They need focused interventions to support them in overcoming their situations of economic dependence, psychological stress, and poverty. Currently, there is a lack of care and support from the state, and often a lack of understanding regarding their specific needs from people in their environment.

We are very proud of the achievements of IAN Telecentar’s program for female empowerment, especially of the fact that 30-50% of female beneficiaries who enter the program unemployed find a job during the training program or 6 month after its end.