Acquiring knowledge and skills needed in the modern economy and society is necessary for the improvement and growth of the region. Unfortunately, the existing education system does not adequately meet these needs and the gap between the requirements of working in the current labour market and the skills individuals possess grows bigger every day. The gap between skills needed and skills possessed is even bigger for vulnerable groups, such as refugees and displaced persons, Roma, unemployed, minority groups, people living with HIV, at-risk youth, and disabled persons, further isolating already marginalized groups.

Therefore, the aim of IAN Telecentar is, there to develop competencies required for active participation in the knowledge economy, finding new and better jobs, and adjusting to the needs of the labour market, through:

  • promotion of lifelong learning as a development tool for all citizens
  • stimulation of social inclusion of marginalised groups in the lifelong learning process
  • searching for the best teaching and learning practices worldwide
  • adoption of the highest standards of the knowledge society
  • development and implementation of the programme according to labour market demands

Many people from vulnerable groups lack proper access to education, further excluding them from productive engagement in society. Without transferable skills needed in a digital age, they often find themselves under- or unemployed. IAN Telecentar seeks to diminish this inequality by providing individuals access to a range of courses.

IAN Telecentar offers the following courses:

  • Computer Courses
  • Vocational Training
  • English language
  • Social skills
  • Project management
  • Entrepreneurship skills